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Heat to Passenger's Feet


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After three years and 18,000 miles of touring on our R12RT, my wife's only complaint is that her feet "get very hot" in temps over 75F. She periodically has to take her feet off the pegs to cool off a little. If anyone has had similar complaints from a passenger and perhaps found a solution, I'd appreciate some helpful suggestions.

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For starters... what footwear is she wearing? and sock?


Half the year I wear some non-vented Alpine Star boots... they're waterproof, windproof, and offer excellent protection. The other half of the year I switch to a hiking boot. I realize I'm giving up some protection, but they breathe really well and make riding more comfortable. Occasionally I still drop my feet out from behind the faring to get some serious air through them... usually less then 15 seconds is enough to get my feet feeling fresh again.

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She's wearing BMW vented boots. I suspect that she has more engine heat, especially off the catalytic converter, coming from under the bike past the passenger pegs than I get in front to the rider's pegs. My feet don't get hot.

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