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HID happiness


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Just put a set of HIDs on the GS today.

Install was easy, only took about 40 minutes or so to do it.


They are damn bright, but the only thing I've noticed is that the high beam needs to be on a couple seconds so the ballast can heat up.


They're really nice though.


I'll get some pictures together soon

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I've got them on both and find that the low beam is great but the high beam is too high and is not as good as OEM. I've checked and everything is lined up ok but still a problem with high beam. Low beam rocks! (by the way, it is a GSA)

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As the unofficial supervisor of this install ( I had completed the K bike tech, cleaning my visor w/Plexxus :grin:), I do believe it was 2 ballasts.

Pretty sure that when I was "helping" I managed to get pieces to fall off during the high beam ballast install and that may be why it takes abit longer to fire up.

Did notice the paint blistered on the storage door of the unit where Matt did this.


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Tim, with all the other lights he has on that bike, I doubt he needs the high beam to work very fast. Of course if he would keep the rpm's up, it would work better.

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It is a 2 ballast install, and had Tim not rearranged all the pieces the install would have been about 30 minutes. The high beam takes a second so as a flash to pass thing, it takes about 2 more times on the button to get it to full strength. Fortunately, I'm impatient and drink a lot of coffee so I'm used to pushing buttons a lot!


Oh, and the only problem I have with keeping the RPMs up is keeping the front wheel down. Ask Danny.

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10-4 on the front wheel thing. Somehow, I don't think College St. is the place for that.


As for the HID's....I don't want to hear about it. :P

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No, mine work just fine, it's just that extra second or two to warm up the gas in the tube. For the way I usually use them, they'll be just fine.


No bulb errors, no hassles, no nothing except retina searing light. I think that's the reason that Danny stayed behind me all the way home...


They look really good at night!

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