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Jax Tech Day, with a surprise guest.....


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Great day for a tech session. Started out in the low eighties, up to mid-nineties, with humidity to match. knary.gif


The Tallahassee crew rolls in.





PRC. Does he look like a cop, or what!



Knifemaker, on the right, was our host. Bernie, middle, was a great help to many. Matt, well........my eyes, my eyes!!!!



We had a great turnout.



Some conducted classical music while others looked on & stuffed donuts in their face.



Speaking of donuts... Okay, it's technically not a donut, it's jelly filled. Just the same, sorry for the blur, but I had to be quick, One second later, & it was in his pocket. Once a cop, always a cop. :grin:



PRC figuring which end of a ratchet is up. Who IS that hot blonde?



And to think, Calvin was surprised I was there. Go figure. :grin:



Matt & Pete both with latex gloves. This can't end well.



Oh, & our suprise guest? I think she may have one-upped me. :thumbsup:




Great to see you, Jacquiline. You brightened the day more than you know.


Matt & I ended the day with a couple cold ones. PRC's bike still ran, in spite of the drift & hammer routine I put it through for end-play adjustment (he cried like a baby). And all other service was a success. All in all, a great day.


Thanks to Bill(Knifemaker) for the hospitality. And lets not forget his wonderful wife, Debbie, for providing a most excellent lunch for everyone. :thumbsup:

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Definitely a great day, good company and a chance to see some folks getting closer to their bikes.


I got the HIDs on the GS installed and I'm pretty pleased with how they are working.


Thanks to Bill for putting it together and for all those who helped teach today.

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I got the HIDs on the GS installed and I'm pretty pleased with how they are working.


Did ya show DannyBoy????????? :rofl:

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That's a bit of touchy subject w/him.... Something about how I only had one set of bulbs to replace or something....

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Well I made it back home and nothing fell off or exploded! WOO HOO!!! And yes, I was not doing so well when he used that hammer on my motor!! Geez, I just can't get over that...


oh and Danny special props for being a great mentor, however....after posting said picture with what you believed to be a power ring, I have something "special" for you in two weeks when I see you guys again! And for the rest of our viewers, I was eating a pastry, not a power ring!


Ms. J, was great to finally meet you (and be subject to your abuse)! Matt, Bill and Bernie, well thanks for everything guys.....and believe me, I shall have something "special" for you guys after all the abuse! Especially Matt for sending me that picture mail while I was riding home.

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Wow, what a great day. Started off shakey though. Riding along minding my own business on my way to meet Pete at 5:30, and out from the side of the rode walks a 6 point buck. Ask me how I know it was six points? Because I got close enough to count, IN THE DARK. No coffee or Mountain Dew needed. I am officially awake. Thanks to Tim, Pete, Brian, and Jacob for the great ride over and back, even though it was in a straight line at 80 MPH. Thank you Bill and Bernie for assisting me with my first removing of the plastic, valve adjustment and throttle body adjustment. My RT is smooth and wants to fly. Thank you Bill for hosting the event and it was great to meet new folks. Isn't it great that there is someone (Pete) that everyone (and I mean everyone)can have fun with - AKA-laugh at...Also, it was great to put faces to names on this website. Time for a drink......Great day...


PS>Tim and Pete. Got a call from Wade when I got home. We passed him in his four wheeler as we were coming in for a landing at Thomasville Road. He was with his wife and daughter. When we passed him his wife turned to his daughter and said-That's why your dad wants to get a BMW. Yeah Baby....

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First: wish I could have joined you guys! :wave:


Second: Matt, honey ... what were you thinkin'?? :P


Third: Pete --- BAD Cop! No Donut!! :rofl:

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I got the HIDs on the GS installed and I'm pretty pleased with how they are working.


Did ya show DannyBoy????????? :rofl:



Shaddup you!!!!

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FSecond: Matt, honey ... what were you thinkin'?? :P


Shannon, that was a tribute to Richard since Jacqueline was there, honest!


PS, the 11th looks good if you're still interested...

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FSecond: Matt, honey ... what were you thinkin'?? :P


Shannon, that was a tribute to Richard since Jacqueline was there, honest!


PS, the 11th looks good if you're still interested...


Hmmm ... sounds suspect, but possible, so we'll let it go this time :grin:


The 11th is looking good since my trial on the 13th is likely to get continued. Will touch base when I get back from the Ozarks. :thumbsup:

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An excellent day indeed.

I was absolutely flabbergasted to see Jacqueline when we rolled in, :eek:

Danny not so much. :grin:

Plenty of wrenching and good times.

Thanks to Bill, Debbie, for hosting.

Thanks to Bernie for all his assitance.

And, a giant Thank You to Mr. Danny for being a great mentor and doing a great Killboy impression when we arrived..

OK, where do I start?

Our host Bill with his prize winning Bridgestone 200. The "killer Harley" is hiding from you know who.


Matt and Jacqueline getting "Highly Intense".


Ron getting ready to jump in while Brian assumes the requisite Tech Day position kneeling before his RT.


Bernie giving Ron a "pointer".


Brian and Jacob at their first Tech Day having a great time.



Alan showing his beautiful '98 KRS sidecar rig to Larry.

The RS got LED'd.


We were forced to eat donuts to provide official Tech Day cyclinder protectors.


Pete doing what he does...


Danny explaining that the RT requires specialized tools.


Getting a "feel" for the valves.

Danny grew up doing this stuff and it shows.

He's an excellent mentor.


Methinks something is being UNplanned.


The exclamation point on a fabulous day, my friend Jacqueline, although west coasting seems to agree with her, we're glad to consider her one of us.


The trip home was hot, but my cooling vest did a good job of making it tolerable.

Ron, I believe we did a bit more than "pass" Wade and his family.


A big, big thank you to all.

Looking forward to next time.

Best wishes.

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Glad to see everyone made it home safe.

Danny and Tim, thanks for the great pictures.

Thanks to Danny, Highway41(Bill), Matt and everyone for helping the rockies with there services.

Jacqueline, it was great to see you again, I am glad you brought the hammer, just what Danny needed.

It was a great day.

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Sorry for the delay in posting....


After getting up around 4:00 a.m. this morning and getting to my shop by 6:00 to get everything ready for the tech day was was a little tired by 4:00 this afternoon so I cooled off and took a nap....



What a day...It was hot in many more ways than just the temp that was hovering somewhere around 98 today...Between the usual "suspects" like Matt, Danny, Calvin, Bernie, Pete and our "little" surprise guest this was one of the most enjoyable Tech days I have had the pleasure of being a part of...I want to thank both BMWST and the folks from BMWNEF for thier attendance it's really nice when two groups with the same intrests can get togeather.



I want to thank Mrs. Knifemaker (Debbie) for bringing lunch to all of us and helping me with the prep.


Let's start off with the BESTEST surprise of the day....







Tallman and a "little" woman (sounds like a movie...






Pete...you performed your job of comic relief with complete professionalism...






Bernie what would we do without you....






Danny exposed....He is not from this world....Did you know he had 3 arms?






Matt...Buddy did you eat something last night that didn't agree with you?






Marty ... You didn't make it but I saved a seat for you.....






More shots....













It was a long day for me... soo long I even managed to drop my Bridgestone putting it back in the shop but she's fine...I built her I can fix her....Thanks for coming folks if you enjoyed yourself let's do it again...



And thank you J your showing up was really SPECIAL to all us Florida riders who love and miss you....

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Oh, & our suprise guest? I think she may have one-upped me. :thumbsup:


I wondered where the heck she was!?!?!?


Looks like a lot of fun was had by all! Sorry I couldn't make it, but it serves as a reminder/warning for you east coasters! You never know when we might show up! :eek:


So behave!!! :rofl:

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