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Zumo Mount, Help!!!!


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I just had a Zumo GPS unit insatlled on my GT. I can't figure out how to get the Zumo out of the mount. There is this little knurled, stainless tool that I think has something to do with taking the unit out of the Garmen mount. Anyone have a clue how to get the little *&%#$@ out of the mount? Help!!! <<<>>>

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That little knurled item has a small tyned screwdriver which turns the small screw in the mount located on the top right of the mount.


It is called a security screw - not so much as a theft deterent but more so to keep the latch from opening.


You unscrew the knurled device expose the blade and then turn the small screw out as far as it will go - it will not come out completely.


this should allow the locking flap to be brought up all the way and will release the Zumo from the mount.


I replaced the screw with a item you can obtain from the Zumo forums





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