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Anyone here ever ride the Slickrock Trail on a motorcycle?


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Just curious how hard it is? Now that I have a DR-Z it's crossed my mind to go back and try it. We used to mtn bike there in the 80's. Then it got too crowded, and we got out of shape. It's taken on a life of it's own since then.


Now the trail was built for motorcycles, but these days I think sees overwhelming use from mtn bikes. I believe however that it is still open to motorcycles.


What are your experiences on the Slickrock Trail?


Note: I put this in Motorcycle Talk rather than Ride and Event Planning because I'm not particularly planning a ride, but just curious what people think of the place, and the difficulty of the ride. Just looking for general discussion of riding there.

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I was in Moab during the late 80's on mountain bikes like you and saw a few dirt bikes at that time. Seems to me that the "slick rock" riding would be much easier on a dirt bike - what with the throttle and all. You would chew up a set of tires fairly quick on that surface though. I am not aware of the current regulations re: OHV at slickrock but the internet should provide a quick reference.

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