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maiden voyage


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well it was short but fun! got the new amazing random plate numbers ,saftey check and took off... lots o trafic ,started to get hot to 7 bars so i stoped and let her cool down after 15 min. tried to start her up and the right side would not fire. Any clues as to why ? rode home running on one side and made it.all the way home only three or so pops out of the right side. Im thinking coil or fuel injector.guess i should look at the plug.Do i realy need the special plug extractor to get the plug out? HELP. New bee be bummed.

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For one side only to fail you can rule out the Hall sensor and the motronics, as these bikes fire both plugs and both injectors together - spare spark and spare-squirt.

That leaves coil wires, plug caps and plugs on the ingition side. Injector cabling, injectors, throttle cables on the fuel side.

This sympton can also be caused (most commonly) by one throttle cable not being fully seated in its ferrule. Do not rely on looking at it - push/wiggle it into the ferrule to be sure. Another possibility is a small stone or muck in the throttle body cable pulley.



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well got it apart and found the plug wire inside the coil has evaporated the white insulator part and the wire has all but dissolved.went to the dealer and was astounded again by the ridiculous price of the parts. OMG 115 bucks for a plug wire and 400 for a coil.the coil has to be shielded for the radio on a police bike, but 400 bucks ? the regular coil is 170 but will a non shielded coil work ? the plug wire has the white piece and a spring why does the spark plug wire need to be so pricie is it necessary to use this wire ? thanks Andy for the response and direction.

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I cleaned up the coil and it still works fine. found a parts bike and got a plug wire and we are up and running again. thanks for all the help. Regards ,Peter.

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