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Random Ouray shots from a Grapefruit....Part 1...


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Seein' as ride tales are ongoing, I'm just gonna post pics, with a little commentary as needed. Let's begin with a bit of history.


Bill (Roadscholar) called me Tuesday night, asking what I was doing for the weekend. Long story short, we left my house at 5 pm on Wed., & drove straight thru 27 hrs. to Albuquerque. Then on to Ouray Fri. afternoon, surprising all.


Before I get to the pics, I have two tips. One, stopping for gas in Mobile, Al. at 12:30am is not the best idea. Two, stopping at Wal-Mart in Mobile, Al. at 1am is not a much better idea. Make sure your trailer tires are worthy. :P


On with the travelogue.


Dummy me, I didn't get any pics of the three (that's right, THREE) trailer tire flats we had on the way to Albuquerque. (It was either take pictures, or hold up the trailer.) We (Bill) didn't have a jack. So you'll have to do with the ride into Ouray. Here we go.


Through the windshield north of Durango.






Red Mountain, on the way up to Red Mountain Pass.




550 into Ouray. Note the position of the double yellow. I wasn't driving. :grin:




Our rig.




Ouray. Elavation, 7700 ft. Population? Probably not much more than that.




Care to live here? 1900 sq, ft,. with a separate garage. 685k. :eek:




Ouray has flower baskets on every corner, & they take great pride in caring for them.




One last shot before we go ridin'. Looking south from the Worthy's condo's.




More tomorrow.

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Sounds like you all an adventure (flat tires)before you even arrived :thumbsup:. I love it! No flat tire, even three, won't stop the guys from Florida :clap:.

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I could post a tale of just the flats, & the hunt for spares alone. ;)


But this is about mountains & riding.


P.S., Thanks to Gander Mountain on the west side of Amarillo. :thumbsup:



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