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Pre load settings


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What is the proper procedure in changing the settings?

1. Bike on center stand?

2. Bike running?

3. Side cases loaded and on the bike or off when setting?


The manual states can not change while moving? The setting appeared to change? Did I mess things up?




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Presumption here is that you are referring to ESA on your GT?


While stationary, you can adjust the preload. This is done by pressing the ESA button once to "wake it up" so it shows on the RID. Once awake, press and hold until you see the display change form 1 helmet, to 1 helmet with luggage. Release and then press and hold again until it changes from 1 helmet with luggage to 2 helmets. Repeating this sequence of events will toggle between the three settings repeatedly.


Now, while stationary OR moving, you can changing the damping rate. Again, press and release the ESA button to "wake up" the RID. Press and release (no holding!) and the damping rate will change from comfort to normal. release and press again and it will go from normal to sport. Repeating this sequence of events will toggle between the three settings repeatedly.


Hope this helps. It is irrelevant, the load set up you have when making the change. Yes, you should have the motor running. No need for side stand or center stand but it will function from these positions.


In summary, preload is done from neutral, engine running, and stationary. Damping can be done either stationary or on the fly in gear.


Hope this helps.

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I also seem to remember that (at least on the old 1200RT -ESA 1) the change was to be made before the bike was loaded. Not sure if that applies to the GT - Note to self RTFM

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