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'02 1150RT mirror removal


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While hard-wiring my Autocom last night (successfully, thanks to the WOTL :) ), I tried to remove the left fairing to see how difficult it would be. Try as I might, I could not budge the mirror.


Before applying an inordinate amount of force and breaking the mirror, I thought I'd again seek the WOTL.


How much force does it take to pull the (insert expletive here) mirror off the bike?




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A good 'pop' with the heel of your palm should do it. I smack mine from the front rearward, on the very outer edge, this pops the single front clip loose first. Be ready to catch it....

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I was pretty leery of taking the mirror off my '03. At my dealer one Saturday I got the service manager to demonstrate how to do it. Now it's easy as can be w/ no worries. Hold the back of the mirror with one hand and smack the "shrimp" out of it on the face at the outer point. As Jan said, make sure you catch it instead of smaking it across the garage, they're a little pricey, DAMHIK :mad: .

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Mine keeps coming off when I hit the edge of my garage door.




It takes guts, but a good whack from the front, with your other hand at the back, will do it every time. A little practice will make you more comfortable.

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Check to see if some or most of the spring-prongs on the holders, or maybe even the ring that keeps them all together is missing on one or more of the three anchor points of the mirror. I know one of mine is missing a prong or two. May need replacement if that's the problem.


But most likely one or more of them are not fully engaged when the mirror is pressed on. To solve this, remove the male studs from the 'bike side' and add small washers to space the studs out a bit so they get a deeper and more complete 'bite' on the mirror's spring-prongs.


Otherwise... stop hitting the garage with your bike (and stop hitting your head with a mallet). :dopeslap:

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