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Just out of curiosity.....


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How many of you own a bike that is not a BMW? If so, what kind is it?



( I'd post one of those graph charts but I'm inept in this department!! Doesn't work when I try it!!!)

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right on Tallman. CCM here. Funny story goes with that but that'll have to wait for over a beer (or two).


SO rides a Virago.

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I still have my gorgeous 1983 Laverda RGS1000 that I have had for 15 years. Looks like I wont't have it much longer due to finances, but who knows? Her name is Gabriela. She has straight through stainless Jota mufflers and plays very sweet tunes.

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Poster: AZKomet

Subject: Re: Just out of curiosity.....


How many of you own a bike that is not a BMW? If so, what kind is it

Bike #1,2,3,4 - Kawasaki

Bike #5 & 7 - Honda

Bike #6 & 8 - BMW

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08 KTM 450EXCR

06 Honda CRF450

06 Honda CR250

05 Honda CRF150

80 Honda CR250

74 Honda Ensinore 250

74 Husqvarna 125

68 Husqvarna 360


The vintage bikes are still used for motocross racing


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Triumph Street Triple, my preferred summer bike. Light, no wind protection, one of the best motors ever made for a motorcycle.

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05.. BMW R1150R

00..Harley Davidson Ultra Classic with sidecar

86..Moto Guzzi California II 1000 with or without side car (my choice)

81..Suzuki GS850G

74..Yamaha DT250A

69..Bridgestone Mach II RS 200

65..Honda CA95 150 Bently Dream

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2000 Triumph Trophy 1200 and a 2001 Triumph Bonneville. Both are in mint condition. The Trophy's for sale, the Bonneville ain't.

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Thanks....I have a WANT for another machine. Just not sure it will be a BMW. So now that I know I will not be ousted form cheating on the famed emblem I can rest easy now!! :grin: Stand by....... :lurk: Looking today for some new wheels.

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2004 Yamaha XT225 dual purpose. I love it to death. Top speed 75mph,85-90mpg (imperial) and 235lbs. A great commuter and always looking for that dirt road or forest path. I reserve my R1150RT for highway cruises and vacations.


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2003 HD Road Glide Anniversary (Lots of engine work and a 6-speed)

1993 Suzuki DR350 Dual Sport (Bought for my wife as a starter bike)

2009 HD Electra Glide Police (County owns it, they let me ride it)

1977 Suzuki GS 750 (Fist vehicle, first credit purchase at 17. Still have it)


Couple of old Bridgestones, an Indian and two other Harleys that are long gone...

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04 montesa cota 315 (trials)

A couple bicycles that started accumulating dust after getting back into the motorized versions :)

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Black 2003 Harley FLSTS Heritage Springer bought new,now 25K miles.

Its been more dependable than my 2005 R12RT.Go figure!

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Two others, a Triumph and a Harley- Davidson. I just like motorcycles, in rank order probably Beemers first, then Harley's.

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'01 Harley Road King. Lots of bling

'85 Honda V65 Sabre

'87 BMW K75

I'm keeping my eyes open for an old Brit bike that needs some tlc.

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UPDATE: Was dealing on a new connie 14 this week. Problem is that two of the dealers would not be straight up with me on a final price with the games they play. So, I have not bought one.


I am currently negotiating a fly/ride price from a dealer in Kansas. So standby...again. :P

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