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Anyone Have this problem?


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This may sound strange but my handgrips on my 06 RT melt in my hands in summer. They are deforming and turning my hands black. This also happened on my 99 RT and 01 LT. I spoke with the dealer and they said they have never heard about this before.


I have owned other bikes and they do not MELT. Now I am required to wear gloves in the Texas 100 plus degree heat.

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Bummer! No, I have not had this problem on my '05, though they do get a little too warm for comfort at times. You have definitely got a problem that sounds like a warranty repair to me.

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Don't you think melt is a over statement? Or at the very least a deceptive discription...


Anyway if you are having rubber transference from grip to your BARE hand and it's turning your hands black... well that's from soft gummy rubber and is perfectly normal from this type of grip (as used by BMW). Especially as they start to wear down a bit.



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Is it possible that your heated grip switch has been left on? That, combined with summer sun and heat could rapidly deteriorate the rubber.



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