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R1200RT - HID / Radio Issues


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Can anyone help, I have just upgraded my high and low beams to HID and now have interference on the radio / Autocom / Zumo?


As soon as the low beams come on they kill all radio reception (other than very strong local stations) with static on both the speakers or the Autocom. In addition mobile phone usage via the BMW Zumo wired to Autocom (not bluetoothed) is made almost impossible due to the interference.


When I use the high beam I get a buzzing in the Autocom headset even if nothing else is on or actually sending out sounds e.g. radio / CD / Ipod / Zumo etc. The low beams do not do this so it may be faulty ballast on the high beam setup.


If I disconnect the three HIDs all goes back to normal so I know it is the HIDs, what I do not know is what to do about it! The CD and Ipod work fine other than the buzz on high beam so I think it is just a radio issue going on.


The details of my HIDs are:-

Ballast information. V in 8-24v / V Norm 13.2v V Start 23kV max

i Norm 3.2A / I in max 13A

P out 35w norm

T case -40c to +105c (degrees)


Can anyone suggest what I should try because I love the extra light the HIDs give me and the “true” white output of the bulbs. But no radio is not an option especially after paying BMW prices!!


Many thanks for any suggestions



2008 R1200RT SE

2004 R1200GS (wife's)


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All I can think of is wire routing. Try routing your autocom leads as far away from the HID wires as possible. Are you using a relay on your HIDs? If so, are you getting the power from a fusebox where the autocom is also getting power? If so, try a different power source.

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Is your Zumo powered directly from the battery? If not, and as a test, try connecting it directly to the battery. I suspect the HIDs are pretty dirty from a noise spectrum perspective. At this point it's hard to say whether the interference is penetrating the Zumo's signal input (via the antenna/cable) or a result of the power source. If it's the antenna input, you may try a torrid core at the antenna lead directly prior to the radio input (take a few turn of the antenna lead around/through the torrid core). Noise typically "rides" on the exterior shield of the cable and is absorbed by the core material.


Good luck.



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if all else fails you are very welcome to ride up to the UK factory, where our team will help where we can.


Autocom UK Tom


PS Autocom will be supporting our NEW US DISTRIBUTOR at the MOA rally in July where you can see and try the new 2009 products.


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Thanks for all the advice everyone, my HIDs dealer (Tyre Shredders Road and Racing) have been working hard to find a solution and thinks the manufactures have a new Canbus ballast that will sort me out! As my Autocom / Zumo / BMW radio setup was working well prior the HIDs installation this may be my best first action.


Tom, many thanks for the offer which I may yet have to take you up on! Now I remember why I keep buying your products (since 1993), you stand by them even when they are not the issue.


I will update everyone once I have this sorted (or not) just in case anyone else has the same issue.

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