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Wimpy High Beam


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This weekend I had to do quite a bit of night riding and discovered that my stock high beam is nothing less than wimpy! You just can't see what's ahead on country roads and I had to ride very slowly indeed. On my old RT, an 1100, I used a 100 watt high beam but that was a dual filament lamp. The 1150 is, I presume, a single filament. What are folks doing to fix that, other than HID. I don't particularly like the blue bulbs, and the high wattage dual filament I used before was the warm normal lamp color. I need to see at night!

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Go to powerbulbs.com (a British company) and look up the Osram Night Breaker H3 bulb. It is claimed to give 90% more light than the standard bulb. You can buy online.

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Or just add lights - under the oil cooler, above the mirrors, on the fork legs, or all of the above.



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FYI - There is a contact issue with the starter/cut-off switch that can cut your headlight output. Stripping and cleaning could help.

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I went with the 100W high beam (dual filament) lamp. I also installed the relay kit from Eastern Beaver. I now have a nice bright high beam. Eastern Beaver also has a relay kit which will leave the low beam on together with the high beam. Heat may be an issue if you go that route.

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I need to see at night!


One of the first things is to uprate the wiring to the headlamp assembly.

Fit a relay which is operated from your normal light supplies and this will then feed a (fused) chunky cable and its related volts and amps (minus a few delinquent ohms) to your high beam and low beam bulb connectors.

Most importantly fit a chunky earth/ground wire from the headlight housing back to (preferably) the battery post.

Next step is to fit a higher output standard bulb to the high beam and also the low beam. It is not compulsory to have a blue colour. White is equally do-able.

The HID route is a possibility. I have done it, but I must say for me the light pattern from the Dip beam is too unwieldy to control the HID and it annoys & blinds other road users even when the headlight is adjusted way low.

I would advise fitting other lights as many others have.

These can then be selected on as you really need them.



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