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Thank God for deflation


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After a recent failure of an o-ring in one of my quick disconnects I decided to order replacement parts for my 05 RT. I ordered the part that failed(the elbow fitting #13537674765) and all three pieces of replacement fuel line.. Two of the pieces of fuel line are molded and one is a straight piece about 1-1/2" long (#13537687442)..I just received a call from the dealer who told me the short straight piece of fuel line had been superceded by part number 13537563456 and the price went from $3.05 to $44.73.......

I think I'll get my inch and half fuel line elsewhere..I'm curious as to the thought process that takes place when people make these decisions.. :S ..

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I recently had my 07 RT in the dealership for a final drive oil change. It is at the 18k interval so I figure I will watch the dealer the first time and then do it myself every 12k.


Well, first they would not let me in the shop to watch. Its my bike and they won't let me watch. That's important because of what comes next.


Ya, I know, liability and such but that is just BS. I work on multi-million dollar servo systems and have a 1 mil liability umbrella.


So I wait in the dealership looking at the bikes.


Service manager comes and says all finished. I go out in the doorway and some punk kid says look, oil is in the drain container. It looks clean. So then I ask did you lube the splines while you were in there like I requested. He says "ya, I think so". Gets me all worked up with that answer.

So I say fine. He says they he has to take it for a test ride to make sure its ok. I figure the service manager is going to take it but no, the punk takes it. Pisses me off even more.

So I then go back inside to pay. $105.00. Now here is the good part. Charges me $22.42 for the gear lube!


Go out and get my stuff on while looking over the finished job. Dirty fingerprints everywhere, oil splattered on the rear wheel, and the rubber joint boot was all cattywhompis.


Showed it to the service manager, he goes inside, gets a rag, wipes it down, reposits the rubber boot and says there you go, kinda like I made him go outta my way.


I won't go back. But I still feel "violated".

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Don, I can certainly sympathize. Everytime I make the trip I cringe at what they are up to. I try to do most things myself since the competence level is no where near where it should be.


Best you can do is review the work and point out any issues but you're always made to feel like you're the problem. Amazing, and we are made to pay for the abuse.


On second thought it's probably a good excuse for a techday. Let me know if you're interested.

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