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red WARNING light!!! See attached photos


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On my 2004 RT1150RTP with 18,000 mi on it, there is a red warning light that has an "!" in the middle of a triangle which has come on a few times while riding. When I turn the ignition off and restart the light is off. It comes on with the key momentarily with the other lights then goes out.


I do not have an owner's manual and the Haynes manual has nothing about this. Anyone know what system this light is for?


See photos here




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That is the "general warning" light and is used in conjunction with the ABS warning light in various flash sequences to indicate various failures in the braking system. The General Warning light steadily lit by itself means that either the tail light or brake light has failed. As the ABS controller works both lights and varies the intensity to simulate the failed light, the only way to tell which has failed is to pull the bulbs.

This intemittent failure can be caused by a filament welding itself back in place then breaking again, or by a corroded lamp socket causing intermittent conection of the bulb.



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Don't ya LOVE that light? I call it the "Ohmygod!!" light. Because that's what you think when it comes on suddenly.


I mean. Criminy. A RED warning light that's an exclamation point inside a triangle. How much more inflamatory (and LESS helpful) could it be?




Ohmygod! My bike is going to self destruct!! (Yeah, its probably a problem with a tail light bulb.)



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