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Introduction - New member near San Diego

Bike Teacher

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Bike Teacher

hmmm. I got unenrolled, so I'm reintroducing myself.

I'm Jim.

I teach m/c instruction at Cp Pendleton full time. I've been a rider for 23 yrs or so, mostly in Europe. All those Alp Passes and roads you've seen from Eidelweiss and the MOTOGP? I've ridden most of them, usually leading a group. I met John Hermann in 99 near Andermatt - nice guy.

Current rides include '04 1150 RT, 97 Honda VFR 750(my 5th), and an 01 aprilia RSVR.

Newest favorite roads include De Luz, Couser Canyon, and the backside of Julian.

Not so favorite roads include Palomar, ACH(stopped for going 60 in a 55), and any road squids have something to prove on.

Leaving for Laguna on Thursday, I'll be on the stealth RT.

I don't spend too much time on the internet as I'm usually out riding, leave a note, I'll get back to you.

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Welcome to the forum!


Thanks for teaching those "road squids" how to ride and stay alive. We lose way to many young Marines due to lack of training and experience.

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Welcome on board... you are in amidst some great people in your corner of the country. I am pretty sure you will hear of them.

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Re-welcome Jim. We have something in common it seems... I've been doing those passes and roads too for the past 40-something years and still love 'em !


Good thing you're teaching American riders how to ride..... there's not enough of that over yonder as I understand it :)

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