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Trans. issue


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Heading out today, on way to VIR to see Nate. First shift going up hill and trans went right into neutral and stayed there. The shift lever is not engaging at all. Bike is running great and had no warning of problem. Just a broken linkage? The shift lever floats up and down freely but does not engage at any time.

Was able to coast back down to bottom of driveway, which is where it still sits. Too hot to remove any tupperware or anything else.

Any ideas??

2000 RT, 60K


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Well you're going to have to get the tupperware off and do a good inspection of the shift linkage, hopefully the problem is external (I assume you checked the the shift lever height adjusting bolt is in place and tight?) If not then sounds like the shift drum is hanging up due to some internal problem. Let's hope not...

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After quick... and I mean quick , since my driveway is about 99 degrees right now, I could reach up and feel adjusting bolt hanging loose under silver cover. hopefull this will be only problem but wont know until I get it in my garage later today.

Will this be a matter of re-bolting or will I need another adjusting bolt assembly?

thanks for quick (as always) respones.

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As long as you haven't lost any parts you should be able to just put it all back together and re-start your trip.


The adjusting bolt coming loose is a very common issue. The torque spec is kind of low and it's not a good idea to over-tighten as you can damage the side plate. Use some blue Loctite on the bolt if you have some available, that should prevent future loosening. If you don't have any Loctite on hand no big deal, just add some when you get the chance.

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If the bolt that holds the shift lever to the side plate has come loose, you don't need to remove anything, but a little bit of Loctite when reassembling (assuming that you haven't lost the bolt) is a good idea. If the linkage itself has come apart, you need to pull the left fairing (at least partially), and remove most of the bolts from the side plate (all but one at the rear) so that you can pivot it out of the way and get to the linkage. The ball joints are held on by little spring clips; if you are in there anyway, clean thoroughly, and lubricate with marine grease -- it's a location that is subject to lots of dirt, and clean ball joints will shift better. This could also be an opportunity to fine tune the position of the shift lever; I always found it too low, even in the "high" position, and was able to get just a little bit more height by turning the shaft. I ended up with the up travel coming just short of the top of the curved slot.

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