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Secret Foothills Road w/gps stats


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It has been a while since I have posted but this one could not be passed up. I have been toying around with picking up another bike in the near future that was geared more towards sport, CBR 929 or Ducati, but his trip has me feeling good about the RT.


I decided to give a couple friends a call and see if they wanted to give a NEW Road a try. One has a VERY Nice CBR929R and the other has a new VFR. Both are very accomplished riders and were looking forward to trying a new road out.


Saturday morning 7am. I meet up with the CBR and head up to El Dorado Hills to pick up the VFR. We pushed thru very little traffic and arrived in EDH by 7:30 ready to rock and roll. I gave them the route and asked if they wanted to lead they were welcome to it. They figured that I could set my own pace and if they wanted to play harder then they would Buzz ahead and give the road a spanking. So Here I was Leading two Very sport oriented guys thru Salmon Falls Road to 49. Both of these guys are regular parts draggin sparks flying guys so I was ready for them to pass me at any point. Salmon Falls road was pretty clear and the only LEO we saw was right as we got onto Salmon Falls Road. I was able to push it pretty well the entire way. I was making sure I kept an eye on the sporties behind me just so I knew if they were going to pass. I would see them pretty close in some turns but others I would exit the turn and find that I picked up some space between us smile.gif


Once we got to 49 I asked how the pace was. They both answered VERY Nice. I told them the next run is going to be the long sweepers and straights so we will keep our speed up a bit and they agreed that we needed to get to the SECRET New Road ASAP.


49 to 193 is nothing really special just long stretches of open road. We passed where we could and kept the pace to 70ish the whole way.


Once on 193 heading towards Georgetown we picked up the pace to 75-80ish. The traffic on this road was almost nill. The only cars we hit were at the beginning and towards town. It was a great run to here. Now it was time to hit the NEW Secret Road so we turned left at the stop sign.


Now in Georgetown I looked at the mileage and I was sitting at 51 miles and figured the guys with the small tanks and no protection from the cold might want a chance to gas up and possibly warm a bit. Got to luv being out in Tim Buck Two and having to pay $2.00 per Gallon for 89 octane. I was glad I am just getting warmed up on the run and they were both wishing they had the heated grips and wind protection the RT Has.


We chatted as they fueled and I asked again if the pace was good. They both mentioned that it was a very respectable pace. So there again the RT is out in front setting a pace pretty easy.


Now that we are on Main Street heading to the NEW Road it was time to pick the pace up again. I was on a little bit of a time schedule and it was time to make up some time now so I pushed it a bit.


Main Street turns into Wentworth Springs Road. This road has been a dirt/gravel Road for MANY Years. . . . Until Now. They just finished it sometime last month. The road is varried in the turn area. There are some awsome straights that allow you to push it to the triples along with some very SWEET sweepers. Then when you think you are ready to push it hard again you are met with a nice 20mph turn. Lots of fun. . . Great new road.


I kept checking my comrads behind me to see get a guage as to how much I am pushing it. They were on my heals Very Little smile.gif I was very impressed with the handling and the fact that they were leaning pretty hard to keep the pace.


We blue by Uncle Toms Cabin as we were getting very comfortable with the new pavement. Once at the end of Wentworth Springs Road we were greeted with Ice House Canyon. We were well warmed and ready to teach these roads a lesson too. I stopped at Wentworth and Ice House to make sure everyone was still ok with the pace. They were very pleased. I also found out the CBR lost the rear 2 times and the VFR slid a bit too. The funny part is I never lost traction and only came into a turn too HOT once. I luv the abs. With the comments that were being made I felt alot better about my bike than I have in a while. I have not been out with knee draggers in many many years. I have always had respect for the bikes that allow you to do that but didn't realize how much lean angle the RT allows. I think it's weight and flexibility allowed me to stick to the roads a bit better.


Now on our home ward stretch we picked on Ice House Road until we got behing a HUGH Log Truck. I was bummed because we were just before the GOOD Stuff. The VFR decided he was going to take an opportunity I did not see and pass the Truck. The CBR Was Quick to Follow. I found another place to pass REALLY Quick now it was time to play catch-up to the knee draggers. I saw them in the next turn so put on some heat. OPPS! Something hit the ground. WOW That was my foot peg! I rolled on the throttle comming out of the turn and knew I had one or two more turns like this ahead of me to catch them.


As I am pushing the RT I am thinking "This bike is REALLY SWEET!" I caught up the the guys with a HUGH Smile on my face and now it was my turn to watch the pros do their thing. VFR taps the breaks, butt hanging on the seat and almost throwing sparks. Then the CBR following suite. Then there I am still on my catch up pace having to slow down so that I didn't scrub with the CBR. I did notice a couple times the VFR slide a few inches while the CBR was firmly planted.


We ended up pulling over to the side of the road on one Tight Turn. I guess the VFR hit the turn a bit tooo hard and started sliding so he decided it was time to upright and get to the side of the road and save the bike. The CBR saw the slide and knew that he was on the same line and would be in the same boat. Me I had yet to enter the turn so pounded the Breaks and pulled next to them.


We chatted and laughed for a couple min's.


Now it was time to hit Hwy 50 and head home. Nothing special along this road. Lots of traffic and highly traveled by CHP so we did not push it here.


Now REMEMBER THIS ROAD IS A SECRET! Just keep it between us wink.gif


Trip stats.

167.7 Miles

3 hours 22 min

49.6 average mph

110.1 max speed.

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mad.gif DAM IT, DAM IT, DAM IT, Why'd you have to go and tell everyone about the new best road in California? Now all the grey hairs/blue hairs in there boat toatin' RV land yahts will be parking nose to tail up there laying snot traps for all of us! laugh.giflaugh.giflaugh.gif


Nice ride report, yeah I love that road and I think I've only seen 2 cars the 6 or 8 times I've run it. Sweet fresh blacktop, no tar snakes and really wide shoulders with great vision around the curves. Oh well, I guess you can't keep it a secret forever. When's the next ride?

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Lost my GPS going up that road while the road was being built. Good to hear it is done. Thanks for next weekend’s ride. In the old days one had to turn off and head up to French Meadows and Mosquito road.


Anyway, I tried that new Wentworth road while it was big ugly holes and the GPs went flying at 65 mph. Good to hear it is actually finished.


From the report it sounds like it comes out at Ice House road (to 50) --- correct? That would be great and add a new ride.


Was the 929 the same one I chased out of El Dorado hills at triple digits?


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John. . I am currently running the Dunlops and have enjoyed them except for the howling that occurs at good lean angles. I will switch to something else next round. Might go back to the Metzlers.


Ford. . . You are correct in assuming the 929 being the same guy. As you know I had to push a bit to keep ahead of him smile.gif Nice to play every once in a while.


I have taken the same route you have in the past in turning off to mosquito ridge and we had thought about taking it again but didn't know if we wanted sleep the day away after that ride. I took Wentworth when it was a potted, ugly road and Luv the pavement. Now they just need to finish Mosquitoridge road so that you can swing back to Forest Hill Road without having to take the dirt roads too smile.gif

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That is a great road, and a nice ride from 50 back towards Georgetown also. Good to hear you gave those boys a thing or two to think about. The RT does work great, and on those nice smooth blacktop corners it really feels smooth. Let me know when you are heading out next time, I live in Camino and could easily meet you.



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