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Congrats to Jim Ford & Paul Mihalka


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FYI Jim Ford got a nice writeup in today's New York Times automotive section, which reviewed The Rider's Workshop and touched on the differences between comprehensive onroad rider training and the 15mpg parking lot MSF experience. Paul was referenced as an inspiration to Jim. Kudos!



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Moshe, your article was one of the first things that I'd read to clue me in to Jim Ford's excellent course, The Rider's Workshop (TRW). Thanks.


I just read the NYT article and am happy for Jim. I hope that this notoriety serves to keep the TRW going for years to come, as it is something I hope to take every couple years or so.


Though it is a riding course, it is not one where I feel as though I completed some entry-level course of instruction. Although I know that I am a dramatically improved rider for having taken it, I also know there is much more that Jim can teach me as my knowledge/experience base increases. In other words, Jim certainly didn't exhaust his wealth of information on my improvement.


I look forward to my next class (whenever I can squeeze that in). I recommend it highly, even to seasoned riders, as I've never before had so much fun learning so much.

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Hi Craig-


Agreed on all counts. In effect the group dynamic has a great deal to do with it also. Some are just not as comfortable with the techniques, nor as comfortable with speed, as others. I think he keeps the groups small on purpose, since inevitably there is one person who is dragging things slower and one who is much more aggressive than the others, with the rest "average."


We had a great group when I went in 2006. Much younger than the group in the NY Times article - 3 out of the 5 were under 35 and the rest were early 60s (my guess). In my group, I was the one who was "more aggressive" than everyone else and Jim was happy to oblige, enough to teach me a thing or 20. The man knows how to handle a motorcycle, no question about it.


Every year, I take the MSF "expert" course to brush off the cobwebs, and every year I wonder why I don't just take the RW instead. Aside from the cost differential, the amount you learn on road in real time is just incredible, and so much more challenging that doing the 25 foot u-turns the MSF now considers adequate. The course was made all the better by Ford's "Zen" outlook, which mirrors my love for true traditional martial arts, which are taught in the same way. Really, riding with Jim was one of the best weekends of motorcycling of my life. I can't wait to go again.



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Great articles by both the NYT and Moshe, they captured the course exactly. I agree that the course is so much better and real then a parking lot course. While they are important, they can get old after about 2 hours.

Paul is always referenced in the course, a sage in his own time!

If anyone gets the opportunity to take the course I believe it is worth every dollar, if for nothing learning and experienceing some great roads in Virginia.

I too was the aggressive rider in the group, we all adjusted to each others style and the riding had a great balance overall as a group. Great experience.

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