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Maintenance CD for the 2009 RT?


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I took a trip to my dealers in Edmonton yesterday to pick up an extra litre of oil for my trip to Arizona. It was a beautiful day to ride so I decided to take the day.


Asked the Partsman whether he could give me the price for a maintenance CD for the 09 RT, he couldn't find it. He said it may not be out yet?


Does anyone have one? Any other sources? I am looking at doing the simple stuff, Fluid changes, air filter etc.


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I also just purchased an '09, and included the CD in the sale after asking my dealer to verify it covered the '09s. If memory serves (I'm not at home at the moment), the CD is the Feb. 09 version. I've noticed in several places reference to things that were updated/modified through Sept. 08, i.e., a few months into the '09 model year (change-over at BMW AG is typically in the late June/early July timeframe). Since my '09 has a Sept. 08 build date, my bike appears to be covered.


You can find the build date (month/year, as in "09/08") on the sticker on the rear face of the right fork leg, near the top of the leg (up inside the fairing).



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