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Is anyone near Louisville, KY?

Kathy R

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I am interested in a motorcycle for sale in Louisville, KY. Is anyone available nearby to go take a look at it for me? Even test ride it if allowable?



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Kathy, I'm not terribly close (about 3 hours), but it might not be worth going up there just for a test ride, but if you end up buying it, I could certainly pick it up and store it for you.

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Thanks David. You are a peach!


Someone has to be real close for it to be worth it. "We" just found a few more candidates within 5 hours. The Louisville guy has nice Givi's, hand guards...


It seems that each and every day I wake up I think about ridiing. I rode in the car all day yesterday exploring the lower tier (twists, hairpins, turns, raceways, +dirt and gravel roads) and I am like a Jack Russell staring at bait. Yeah, I think about dogs all the time too. :grin:


When the university takes a look in my head, after I'm gone, they may figure it out.

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I'm about an hour from Louisville, but have no particular expertise in evaluating motorcycles other than owning and riding an 1150RT. I could possibly provide an impression of the bike's general condition and any obvious flaws, but nothing more in-depth than that. There is a BMW dealer in Louisville; could you arrange for them to inspect the bike for you? That would be more useful, although probably not free . . . :)



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Thank you Lee...1 hour is too far, but I appreciate your thoughts. The BMW will charge me alot to inspect a Suzuki, hee hee hee. I should have mentioned, here, that I'm looking at a wee strom.

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I'll be near there the 11th of July if you're still undecided. I've got a bit of familiarity with the wee strom if you need it.

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Matt, you are a friend. I'll let you know. I'm mulling a few things overnight.


Tasker... I PM'd you back. Thank you.


Mull Mull Mull

I have wonderful problems. Just like the old days. :thumbsup:

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John Ranalletta


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