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Tires in Olean, NY?


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Hey all,


I'm currently in Olean, NY on my way back to Delta, OH from a trip to NJ. My riding buddy noticed the steel belt starting to show through my rear tire. I ride a 1999 R1100RT and my rear tire is a Metzler ZR18...160/60. Its Saturday day night and I think I'm kind of screwed until at least Monday. I'm thinking of riding back on my buddy's bike and perhaps coming back next week when I can get a tire. I live about 300 mile from here. Found a motorcycle shop called Charlie's (http://www.charliescyclecenter.com) but I'm not sure if they'll have anything in stock that will fit. Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated!



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Not sure where you are exactly, Are you still on your way to NJ? There is a cyclegear store here (Edison, NJ 2052 Lincoln Highwy (732) 248-7737) Or find another one closer using this site. LINK

Good prices on tires and good service. Here in Ca. open 7 days a week. :thumbsup:

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