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found my bike


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I found the bike I'm after, and the payment arived at the dealer today. A dealer in Oklahoma City had an '04 K1200GT with 13K on it that had been traded in by a guy for a Goldwing. I'll be flying there on the 26th, and will be riding it back to Wyoming about 850 miles. This should be a fair change from the enduros I used to ride.

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A fair change indeed! Congrats.


850 miles, all plains. If you could head a little west and dip into NM and CO you could make a great ride of it. In the meantime, gonna be a long two weeks.



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I was planning on making a bit more senic ride of it and going into New Mexico then heading north up the back side of the range through North Park to Morrison, and on up through Estes Park, but I have to be back for duties at the fire hall by Sunday morning. It looks like it will be basicaly going north to I-70 then heading est accros part of Kansas Jumping up to I-80 at North Platte, West to I-25 then north to home.

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Let us know how the trip goes.

Watch your speed leaving small towns.

It is easy to cruise out at 35 or so in second gear and forget to shift when the road opens up.

Next thing you know its 100 mph aand you have 3 gears left...


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