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86 K1000RT


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- The light located next to Gas Pump picture is the reserve light? But the Yellow light located just to the left of the fuel reserve light is for what? It stays Yellow.

- Is there a gas gage on this thing anywhere?

- I understand the reserve light comes on at 5 liters, but if this does not occur, what do I need to be checking.

- The odometer does not work. The Speedo & tack are fine. This electric. I assume the instruments are just bad?



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Early K100's have a 3 liter and a 7 liter reserve light- the yellow light is the 7 liter light, MOST of the time the sensor for the 7 liter light (yellow) misreads what is actually in the tank. It was eventually acknowledged by BMW to be a design / engineering flaw - as I recall due to the heat that dissapates into the tank. Some riders just put black electrical tape over it so as to avoid the distraction, others remove the bulb, others just ignore it.


As for the odometer -many many failed somewhere between 25-50K. While the one on my 85 is just fine. There used to be a place in Texas that would effect a repair, maybe one in California as well. I've not had an issue with the tack, nor am I aware of 'general' failtures as with the prior two issues.

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Paul Mihalka

Re gas reserve lights: As stated, the '85 K100 bikes had two reserve lights, one supposedly at 7 liter and the other at 4 liter. For '86 BMW eliminated the function of the 7 liter light, but kept on using the instrument housing with the two windows until they used up all the old housings.

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Thanks, this is what I have been reading except with no explaination of colored lights and location. It appears this K100 is either:


- an 85 made late in the year and registered as an 86

- an early 86 with the pre-86 fuel gages, or

- the yellow light just left of the red low light is for something else in 86?


What is your opinion?

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The yellow light in question is to the RIGHT of the Gas Pump Icon in the right-hand part of the instrument cluster.


The light to the left says ABS when looking from the backside with the bulb out.

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