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bummed out beemer

Beemer Steve

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Beemer Steve

well you guys helped me out the bike ran fine i rode it with alittle more rpms and decided it was time to change fluids so i would have a fresh start at the tech day well, i drained the oil and replaced the filter using beemer parts and oil and when i went start it to check the fluid level after fillinfg filter it ran fine i shut it off and topped of the fluid . when got ready to take it for a ride it started then it stuttered then died and will not restart I let it set for about 30 min went back out to try again and again it started then died . I just filled the tank yesterday but ist shows empty but the tank is full does that have something to due with it .

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Holy run on sentence, Batman!


As I understand it, you only performed an oil and filter change and nothing else, right?


I would first open the fuel filler cap and listen for a whooshing noise when you do so. If you hear one, you have somehow pinched the tank vent hose. Try starting the bike with the filler cap open. If it runs OK, you will have to lift the rear of your tank and verify the routing of that hose.


It could also be a plugged carbon cannister. It is located up under the right, rear of the motorcycle. The vent hose actually connects there. You can remove the hose and see if, like before, the bike runs better.


The fuel gauge reading is what gives me these ideas. If you pull too big a vacuum in the tank, it can crush the tube in which the fuel gauge float rides, leading to erroneous readings.


If you have messed with the tank, you may have not gotten the plug for the fuel pump or the separate plug for the low fuel light properly connected. Again, raise the tank and check.

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hey beemer steve...sorry for your troubles and takes ed's advice. do us all a favor and fill out your profile. gives us a little better idea about who you are. also, proof your posts before hitting submit. it will assist us in evaluating the issue.

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My money says Ed nailed it.


I don't know how he does it, but all he needs is a fragment of information and he'll nail the problem cold without ever even seeing or listening to the bike! A rare gift no doubt.

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Beemer Steve

sorry guys Im new to the forum and I'm not very literate all i want is to ride and have all the fun that other rt owners have .I will get to the profile this afternoon ,as I've been too busy getting this thing ready.

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"I just filled the tank yesterday"

is a clue.

How much did you put in?

Are you saying the bike ran well when you increased the rpm's before this happened?

Did you get a whoosh when opening gas filler cap?

Are you twisting throttle before trying to start?

Are you immediately blipping throttle when starting?


Most importantly, what color is the bike?

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it might also be bad gas - if the running problem cited above occurred was your first time trying to start the bike after the fill-up then maybe gas not good enough (despite being high octane from a reputable main line gas station) . happened to me.


if none of the other things from the other posters lead to resolution then you may opt to try taking out (i.e siphon) old gas & putting in 1 gal new gas.



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With the fuel level showing lower than you expect, it might be the electrical plug under the right side of the gas tank. This sometimes gets corroded and results in lower fuel readings. It also provides the power to your fuel pump in the tank.


When you turn on the key, do you hear the pump run for a few seconds? If not, I would check this plug.

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Well no one has mentioned it yet, so I'll put in my two cents worth too. I think Ed has the right approach and if that does not turn out to be th eproblem it could be...


1) Bad fuel filter. We all know not everyone changes them when they should and when they get clogged ...


2) The intake line in the gas tank. It also has been known to pop off and no fuel flow. Although on a full tank of gas I'm not sure that would apply.


3) Fuel pump could also be a problem. The quick test for that is to just listen for the pump switch on when you turn the key. If you don't hear the whir for a few seconds your pump could be faulty.



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