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.Pub to PDF


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Anyone got a conversion program? I was sent a flyer in .pub, but dont have MS Publisher.


Why does anyone try and share a document in anything BUT pdf??

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I have and use Publisher, I like it. and I agree it is insane to send anyone a .pub file unless you know they have a similar version.


I downloaded PDF Creator. It is installed like a printer, and any time I want to send someone a file I made in publisher, I "print" it to a file using PDF Creator, and then I send them the PDF version of that file. I also use that to upload files to my web site that I made in Publisher. Works slick.



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A couple more options:

1) Download and install Microsoft Publisher trial version. Once the trial period expires, you lose editing features, but it still functions as a free viewer.

2) Download from openoffice.org the publisher equivalent. (Freeware).

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I went ahead and downloaded the Publisher trial version. PDF is not an option. Stupid MS.


But I did use it to actually print what I needed.


Thanks All

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