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Some criminals just have alot of nerve.......


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....or they are just dumb


From the local news Lehigh Valley, PA


Robbery Suspect Mad At Police For Giving Us His Picture


Police asked anyone who might know the whereabouts of a bank robbery suspect to call them with their information. Well, they say they got a call. And it's from someone they may not have been expecting to hear from: the suspect himself. Police say Markeith Webb called them after we showed his picture on 69 News and WFMZ.com yesterday.



They say he's mad at them for giving the media his picture. And they say he's refusing to turn himself in. Police say they impounded Webb's vehicle in Whitehall Township, Lehigh County on Sunday. Police believe he's now lying low in the Lehigh Valley, possibly in the Easton or Whitehall/Allentown areas. And they believe he may still be armed and dangerous. Police say Webb was armed with a gun when he was caught on surveillance cameras jumping the counter of the Lafayette Ambassador Bank on Line Street last Friday and grabbing cash.


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