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Bentonville BMW


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Just wanted to give credit to Bob,(owner/Sales) at Bentonville BMW in Bentonville, AR. I went to his shop 2 weeks ago and test rode the K1300GT he had on the floor. I wanted a blue one, but after looking online he said non were available. So I desided to get the magnesium one he had, I told him I would return with the money. On Tuesday I call him to discuss all the stuff I needed to do to pick up the bike, he tells me he called his rep that morning and was trying to find me a blue bike. I thought this was above the call, anyway he found one in blue at the warehouse and would order it if I wanted it. Of course I said yes, but now I had to leave for work for 2 weeks, but I wanted to try to close the deal before I left so I could get the extra 1500 off from the BMW promotion. So Bob worked to get the VIN so I could do a quick loan, but he cant get paid till I get back to pickup the bike. Yet he said he would put in the paperwork so I can get the BMW Credit. This is total customer service, I can't see me ever buying a BMW bike from anywhere else. Now I only have to wait one more week until I get back and pick it up. Also he has been kind enough to put up a picture on his website so I can drool and show it off to my British co-workers. :grin:

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iSN'T fUN when you run into a dealer that simply "get's it"


Good for you on both the finding the scoot you wanted - and the dealer that could absolutely fill the bill.



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I live in Fayetteville, about 45 minutes from Bentonville BMW, and purchased a new R1200RT from them last year. They really do "get it". Top notch customer service in sales, service and parts.


I experienced the EWS failure a few months into ownership and called Jerry (co-owner and service manager). He and Bob drove to Fayetteville and loaded my bike on their trailer. I received a call the next day that my bike was ready to go.

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We had a place in SW Missouri for several years and bought a few bikes from them. Jerry and Bob are really a class act. I have yet to find a dealer who is more anxious to please and do the right thing.

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The folks at Bentonville BMW. I had a driveshaft failure going thru Oklahoma. Fortunately Bentonville was just down the road from my in-laws. They put my bike to the head of the line, and had it ready in 2 days!!


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+10 on Bentonville.


It is nice to have service done and not have to worry it is done right.


I buy most stuff there, I know I can get it cheaper elsewhere, BUT it is worth a bit extra to have a good dealer. I hope they can weather this downturn.


I like Bob and Jerry. If you get a chance go on a Sunday shop ride. Bob can make his LT move, and Jerry knows how to ride his RSL! Much fun to be had.



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