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Guess I better introduce myself...


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Howdy y'all! I just took delivery of my first Oilhead today after 30+ years of riding Airheads. It's a 2004 R1150RTP, ex NC highway Patrol, with 30k miles.


I got all of the service history along with the bike and it had just had it's 30k service before it was traded in so hopefully I have a few months to get acquainted with it before I have to break out the wrenches.


I have came to the conclusion that the "supplemental" manual for the cop stuff is about useless as I have switches (factory looking) that are not in the manual and the ones that are just indicate to place them in the desired position then blah, blah, blah... They are not real clear on what this "desired position" is, though.


I have wires hanging in the front (and rear) that I am assuming went to the siren and strobes but so far can't come up with a switch combination that makes them hot. Oh well, good puzzles keep the brain sharp... It is nice, though, to have a bike that again has a headlight switch!




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Welcome to the RTP club!


Since the power-supply for the strobes/LEDs was most likely removed, there's no way to make those wires "hot". I will admit to surprise that your headlight switch is actually OEM functional. Mine had all the lights running through a single aux switch.


See the link in my sig for some additional info.


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Allen Rowand



Yes, RTPs are a whole different kind of fun. Every one seems to be civilianized differently; mine was completely stripped of the authority electricals, Woodie's has most of them. I've been redressing wiring, and using heatshrink to seal the chopped ends of cables.


Some good RTP resources are:

http://www.barstow.cx/ (Woodie on this board)





I see Woodie beat me to hitting submit!


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Yes, the switch is a three position slide - off, "flashlight bulb" running light, and then headlights.


I didn't know about the power supply so I'll try to find the other ends of the aux wiring and hook 'em up to something! I have a small 6 fuse panel I can toss in to run everything from.


This should be an "experience" but I think once I get used to "power brakes" and the totally different shift feel I'll love it!

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Here are the controls, I'm going to assume they are pretty much standard BMW stuff:


Left-hand controls:




Right-hand controls:




A small push-button switch on the left side of dash:




And, this is a left profile - cleans up pretty well:




Any thoughts on the switches would be appreciated as they really don't match up with the "supplement". I have also e-mailed someone at the dealership this came from to see if they could "slide" a cop specific wiring diagram and tell me where the toolkit is hidden since there is no back seat!!

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OK, Woodie, you're not suggesting that one of the "fuzz" might have swiped the kit, are you? Hey, it actually came with all of the owners manuals and documentation so I was sorta hoping against hope... Maybe I should re-phrase this to "Where was the toolkit stored in these Police model bikes when they were shipped new?"

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I'm saying that the "fuzz" are far too important to be bothered with anything service-related. AFAIK, the tool-kit isn't even shipped with the authority models.


Besides, they have better a road-side assistance plan than anyone!


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I'm saying that the "fuzz" are far too important to be bothered with anything service-related. AFAIK, the tool-kit isn't even shipped with the authority models.


Besides, they have better a road-side assistance plan than anyone!


I do have a pickup and set of ramps!


Are any of these switches similar to those on your bike?

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The switches are roughly the same, but the housing is the rounded 1150 look, rather than the squarish look of the 1100 switches.


Type-wise, they're probably fairly consistent:

1.Up- Front warning lights

1.down- Front and Rear warning lights

2. Pole strobe

3. Horn vs. Siren toggle


I don't know what your extra dash switch does.


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I guess this weekend I'll need to remove some plastic and see if I can figure out where the cabling from these "special" switches terminates and then wire them to some relays to run my fog and driving lights. Was this aforementioned power supply for the strobes, etc. mounted in the radio box?


Sorry for so many questions but this thing is orders of magnitude more complex then the Airheads I've grown to love over the past 30 years. The most complicated one I had before this was the '95 R100RT 'cause it had a radio!!!

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Strobe PSU was mounted under the radio box. I *think* it was mounted to the metal bottom of the radio box. I haven't gotten around to looking under there.


Using the existing wiring harness is a bit tricky, as trying to find both ends of a cable is/was pretty hard. Especially when they cut and shrink-wrapped it somewhere in the middle. I have 3-4 shrink-wrapped cable ends wiretied to the handlebars.


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Dealer Service Manager e-mailed me the wiring diagram for the system used on the bike I bought and it was/is the Code 3 LED Light System. I was then able to download the installation instructions for this from bmwmc.net. I was also informed that although the lights, and such, were removed that all of the wiring and the controller were left in the bike. I plan on just using the existing Authorities switches and wiring to actuate relays for the lights I plan on adding.

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