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Where did THAT come from, and why?


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'Just finished bleeding brakes and setting valves on my R1150RT, and went for a 240 mile spin today. When home, I set the bike on the centerstand in the garage and went about other chores. Just now I went back into the garage and there was a small puddle of what looks like brake fluid under the rear brake pedal, right below the overflow hoses. On closer inspection, one was wet at the tip. Now, one is from the canister (I think) but I'm not positive on the others. Discount the battery breather/overflow as that is disconnected (gel battery). The caps on the ABS module are connected by hoses if memory serves, so that could be the source. I didn't overfill the module but took the fluid right to the indicators. The puddle was not gas, and the color was clear yellow, so my soon to be changed oil shouldn't be the source. No other sign of leakage from above. Any thoughts? Something to worry about?

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Perhaps a bit of heat expansion in the line, which caused slight spillage after you parked the bike.


If it were mine, I'd clean it up, take it for another ride, & see if it puddeled again.


If not, you have your answer. If it does, well, we'll go from there.

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The only downside to slightly overfilling a wheel circuit reservoir is a temporary drip from the overflow tube. It will stop. Remember, brake fluid will trash paint and I doubt it is good for tires.

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Jerry Johnston

I don't think it hurts the rubber just makes it slippery. When I worked in a filling station back in 1956 brake fluid was used as rubber lub to stop squeeks.

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