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Front Brakes not bleeding


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After I removed and reinstalled front forks to reseal, I installed front brake calipers (never disconnected brake lines) pumping front brake lever to push pads back to the rotor. After I checked brake fluid I engaged front lever again just to check for firm lever and no air, I then tried to rotate front wheel and it was locked up but it would free up and rotate after 15 to 20 seconds. My first thought was my master cylinder was the problem. Master cylinder was fine, I then started looking at my front calipers. I disconnected the right caliper and tried to force the pads back to remove from disc, however I was unable to push the pads back. I then applied the brake lever again and found my right caliper was not getting any pressure, but the left caliper was getting pressure and was not releasing. I removed the right caliper assy. from the line and there was no fluid getting to the brake, even when the brake lever was applied no fluid came out of the line (bango fitting) I then removed the line from the bike, I then used air pressure to blow out the line, from the caliper end to the "T" is completely blocked and I am unable to clear, appling air pressure from the other end several chunks of rubber came out of the line.


It appears that the right "T" fitting on the right fork is where everything is plugged up, not allowing fluid to the right caliper and not allowing proper fluid flow to the left brake.


I then removed the brake line at the master cylinder and blew shop air through the line and small particels of rubber keep coming out of the line and at times I can plug the line at the small orfice in the bango fitting. It appears the lines are coming apart internally.


Monday I will order at least the 3 rubber lines going to the front calipers.


Has anybody else seen this problems with the rubber brake hoses. I have been changing the brake fluid couple of years using DOT 4.




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If they are the original 10yo lines, this is not an unusual occurrence!

BTW - I wouldn't go back to OEM type brake lines, go with a good set of Galfers or similar SS/braided/teflon lines. Plenty of info on the site...just do a search :thumbsup:

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That is the typical fate of rubber lines. I would highly suggest you step up to braided steel lines. SOOOO much better.

Spiegler or Galfer

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