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Two Wheel Inn....Anyone been there?


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I'm going to make another run down tho the Smokies...has anyone stayed there in the past?


Thanks in advance!

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Yes...September 07'. Nice people, very clean rooms. Garage is a bonus.

Here are a couple pics of the place



...and the BRP



CAUTION! The main drive way is/was gravel.


When exiting, use caution...the driveway is on an incline with loose gravel that exits on to a road where folks are traveling at 55+ mph. Keep your wheel straight if you have to stop to wait for traffic to clear. The combination of incline, (increased ground clearance) and gravel make holding up a loaded RT very hard/darn near impossible. DAMHIK! Sure glad that pick up truck with the two guys stopped to help me, I would still be there trying to pick up the RT, sliding around the gravel.

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