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Trans Canadian Gold


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This my Trans Canadian Trip story

Friday June 28 :

3:00 am and odometer says 25216km on my 01R1150RT. I left Burlington, told my Wife that I am going to take the QEW and not the Hwy# 5. I stopped at Sunoco gas station a block from home, I pulled out my credit card, from my leather pants, which I kept separate from my wallet for quicker access. The Gas pump started working and then stopped, the power went off for some reason. I waited a moment, the power came back on and the gas kept flowing.


I see my wife pull in a car beside me ,she is holding my wallet, that I left at home when taking my credit card out. This is one of the reasons I married her. (Big kiss and Thanks) and I am on my way- 25 minutes late. At 3:45 am

Hwy 427 &401 and traffic stops, I lost a good 20 minutes to pass highway 400, but finally I hit the open road. I arrive in Montreal just after 8 am and pass the tunnel. Never slowing below 80km/h thru Montreal, the weather is good, I try to keep my speed around 4K rpm, sometimes a little over.


11:00am: stop get gas and a quick lunch in Levis,PQ. Got wet a number of times, first in Fredericton, then Moncton and a big thunder storm in Bedford, and Windsor, Nova Scotia before landing at Kentville, NS at 22:47 eastern time with 27,194km. Totaling 1978km for the day, not bad for first day.


Saturday June 29 :

Once in Kentville, time for a break only needed to do 670km today. I left my wet sheep skin at my brother’s place, I rode to Digby, NS tried to gas up on my MasterCard which didn’t work (work for the 6th time) so onto Yarmouth then Halifax , and returning to Kentville with 27,866km before 3pm for dinner and rest.

I rode 672km today and with the 1,978 from yesterday added up to 2,650 km which would qualify me for the Iron Butt Association Bun Burner 1500 (1,500 miles in 36 hours).


I checked my bike’s oil and tires. I had snacks and botle drinks for three days and a 2 Liter camel-bag in side tank bag. I called my bank and was told that someone used my MC yesterday 6 times and bank locked the account to protect me from myself. They told me it would be unlocked in two days.


Went to bed at 8 pm and woke to a fresh new day at 1 am. Left Kentville before 2am and was in downtown Halifax at 3 am.


My Trans Canada trip Halifax-Vancouver has to be ridden on Canadian roads and finished in less than 75 hours so I have to have average 106km/h.


Sunday June 30 : Day #1: Leaving Halifax

My odometer showed 27,978 km when I left Halifax –tank full blader empty ,and dry weather at 3:03 am. Stopped for gas in Moncton, NB; Pokiok, NB; Edmundston, NB; St.Nicholas, PQ; (crossed from Atlantic into Eastern Standard Time) St. Agathe-Monts, Des Ruisseaux, Dubuisson, and I arrived in Timmins at 22:17pm.


The weather was good all day and roads in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick are excellent with very little traffic, so I was able to make excellent time to Laval,PQ arriving at 2:30pm.

Hwy 15 North had construction for a few km and northern Quebec roads are not that great. Entering Ontario wasn’t much better, especially the last two hours to Timmins. My bike was cover by a million mosquitoes. Made it to Bon Air Motel and asked reception to wake me up at 2:00am then I called home to ease their worries .finally made it to bed with 2167km under my belt and no tickets.


Monday July 1: Day # 2


Waking up at 2:00 am I got to Wawa, ON for gas by 6:20am and rode beautiful roads to Terrace Bay, (I will have to go back there one day), the trend carried on to Thunder Bay. Then came Ignace, ON; and Clearwater, ON,.


5:40pm gased up in Pt. La Prairie, Manitoba. Gained 1 hour crossing into Central standard time. Enjoyed-have fun, riding with two Harley bikes to Winnipeg, In Elkhorn, Manitoba I gained another hour passing into Mountain Standard Time.

Around Indian Head, Saskatchewan the Trans Canada Hwy sucks, single line, no shoulder. In minutes the sky turned black and a strong side wind struck me. running 4400rpm in 6 gear at 80km/h zone on an almost empty road, a cop pass me going east, in my mirror I saw his brake lights ,so I slowed down and stopped at the nearest gas station. Once I dismounted I thought the wind would tip the bike over. Took my rain gear out, and I heard a voice behind me (the cop pulled into the station after me).


Nice bike, Where are you going that fast?


To Vancouver. -I said


You want to get there tonight? (it’s 7pm)


No tomorrow night.


Tomorrow night, aha, Where did you start your day today


Timmins ON.


Timmins that 2000km ,I think you needed go for rest.


I have to get to Moose Jaw tonight.


Why are you doing this?


I am riding the Halifax-Vancouver Iron Butt Association timed trip and I have to be in Vancouver tomorrow at 7pm.


Oh…I heard about the IBA ,I have my own Honda Bike, So try to ride “close” to the speed limits,and the cop drove away.

Lackey me!!!


I was in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan at 22:30 local time. Super 8 had a room for me, I have to watch fireworks with hotel workers to celebrate Canada Day. It was late I called home got in some trouble for calling late.[0.45am home time]

I covered 2230km and my rear end wished we spent more time in a shower! I have comfort seat.


Wednesday, July 3rd: Day #3


The third and last day, I left Moose Jaw at 3am, a little late. Stopped for gas in Maple Creek, Saskatchewan and had breakfast at Tim Hortons in Medicine Hat. At 7am, a Subaru Forester parked beside my bike. A woman walked around my bike a few times, ran inside the shop, stopped beside me and asked: That your bike? -Yes I said. She sat down at my table – her two kids left in the car, and told me that she had K-bike - What you got now ? –I asked. Two kids. Where are you going? She asked. I told her my short story and that I have 4 Subaru cars at home, and that her next bike has to be a boxer. That’s all I can say…


The next gas that I took was at Brooks, then Calgary and Revelstoke-Lake louise, British Columbia arriving at 12 pm. I asked a guy how many hours to Vancouver. He told me 10 hour. I said no no, I have to be there at 7pm. He said impossible ,but try taking the Coquihalla toll road, that should save you ½ hour. The rockies were cool, but the bike likes that temperature and works excellent. My rear tire was loosing rubber too quickly.

Next gas stop was in Merritt. The $5 Coquihalla Toll Hwy is one excellent road. I never went slower then 4000rpm. Set the Trottlemister, glide and enjoy the scenery. From Hope, B.C, twice BC riders saved me from getting ticketed by cops hiding behind bridges or big trees with hand radars. Got to Vancouver at 18:46pm, I got a receipt from the Esso Express gas bar, which was necessary as verification by the IBA, but it had no address indicated, so I jumped back on the bike and rode to a Chevron gas station, where I squeezed out a $1.20 worth of gas, just for the receipt ( with an address).


My odometer showed 34,081km - 27,978 km at start = 6,103km.


6,103 km in 71 hours: 45 minutes


My Nephew lives Down Town Vancouver, so we met and went for short walk and dinner in a European cafe.


Thursday, July 4th,


I left Vancouver on Thursday, did 450km before noon, going to visit my friends in beautiful Okanagan Lake. (I would like to retire there) I rode to Penticton and Kelowna to see the area and was back for night to Kaleden. Okanagan Valley is like heaven but the real estate is very expensive.


Advised by friends, I took road #97 south to Washington, then #20 east to #2 thru Glacier National Park, Montana. Riding the sun road is my favorite. This time there was more snow then in `98 when I was with my wife Eva. I ate an excellent dinner at Johnson’s in St. Mary and rode to Cut Bank for the night.



My “tired” Odometer said 35,500 km, so the Dunlop D220 rear tire was only good for 14, 000km,but less rubber than expected. At this point, the rubber had worn away and metal cord showed through. A new tire was waiting for me at home.

Friday, July 5th:


Friday, I left Cut Bank early morning, had beautiful weather. Rode on Hwy#2 at speed 3000rpm because of my shaved tire, when in a split second I saw a construction sign saying “pavement ends”. I am blinded by the sun, and I almost lost my balance! This woke me up a little. Spend night at Grand Forks, ND and I rode 1200km today.


Saturday, July 6th:


Saturday, still on Hwy #2, followed two Honda Goldwings at short distance. No trees in sight, just grass for miles, and in the corner of my eyes I see a deer jump out in front of my bike and on to the other side of the road. He was just an inch away from my front tire, I had no time to brake. I couldn’t believe it how lucky I was.I don't think that deer whistle work.


On to Duluth, Minnesota bought rain gloves at Aerostitch. The guys there were shaking their heads looking on my rear tire. But I only had 2000km to get home!


At Ironwood, Wisconsin, I took #28/41/28 to Sault Ste Marie. At the last gas station on US side, I meet a couple from Colorado, riding on a K –bike. They were staying in a cabin at KOA Sue Saint-Marie, ON, Canada and asked me for directions. We enjoyed a beer and I ended up staying with them in a cabin for free, great American hospitality. They were going to the Trenton KOA like a bunch of other BMW guys. That place was pact full of bikes.


Sunday, July 7th:


Sunday morning, I slowly rode east on hwy#17, and made a stop in Parry Sound. It was after the Sport Bike Rally there, so I had hundreds of bikes pass me, many riders pointing out my shiny metal rear wheel. 4pm I made it safely home with 38,900km on my trusty RT. Added 0.5 L of synthetic oil to engine and gave the bike a good 4 hour wash to clean all the bugs. Monday July 8, I installed my new D220 rear tire at Budd’s and 12 pm we were on the road to the Trenton Rally.


A Trans Canadian GOLD a rider must travel from coast to coast across Canada in 75 hours or less, I did it in 71 hours, 45 minutes. (Average of 85km/h including sleeping, eating and breaks)

A sore Butt.







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