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Baffled by bracket '04 1150rt


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While doing a front tire change, still attached to the speedometer cable, is a small 3" long bracket. BMW ref #62-0249page

part #62122306642 obviously clips onto the speedo cable and the other end has a welded on nut. The question is Where/What does it bolt to??

While the wheel assembly was off, I used a mirror and poked around behind the oil cooler, rear instrument panel area, no luck. Really thought it wold be obvious. If your bored one rainy day please check the parts blowups or your bike and drop a note or a picture?Thanks (idiot mechanic can't even find an open.....)

Spring, finally splatting bugs!


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Thank You,

Just finished the tire swap and was able to properly place the bracket with the info you so QUICKLY provided.

04 R1150RT -the again fast, BLACK ONE.


Thanks again for the bits help




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