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blind spots - could have killed a MC

Indy Dave

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Indy Dave

As riding season gets underway in earnest for many, I want to just share a near incident that underscores our need to expect the unexpected.


Last summer I had picked up a load of bell peppers in Ohio out in the country. Been doing it for many summers, know the roads well. To get back to the freeway in the direction I needed to go, you end up running about 10 miles on some bumpy back roads. You go slow because the roads are bad. Nice day, perfect weather and back country roads with little to no traffic. I roll up to a 2 way stop (cross traffic does not stop) Look to my right -- all's clear and look to the left, all's clear as well. I begin to ease out the clutch while still looking tot he right and I see a light being reflected in my drivers side window. Whaa? Clutch in, I look back right and there is a cyclist cruising down the road at a good clip - oblivious that I didn't see her. Had I pulled out, her choice would have been to t bone a semi or too it in the ditch or who knows. I shudder to think what would have happened if I'd not had my drivers window half open. Would I have looked back to the right in time?


I was ashamed / shocked however. If I had not seen some funky reflection in my drivers window (she was coming from the opposite side, I'd have pulled on out. I know I'd have looked again as I pulled out, but would that have been too late?


I bring this up for 2 reasons:


> Double shame on me for not double checking the right side before I began to engage the clutch. It's a habit even in my car - so I don't know what caused me not to. Grrr


> remember, all vehicles have blind spots. Semi's have large outside mirrors that block a significant amount of view. Don't assume they see you just because they are stopped! Make sure you make eye contact with them, that you see them seeing you!!


Vans and SUV's also have large door pillers can block considerable area.


ride safe.

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It is surprising how much can hide behind the rear view mirror and windshield pillars. It's also amazing how quickly we become creatures of habit; the last ten times I've pulled up to this stop sign, noone has been coming. Why should there be someone now? Seeing someone there is almost a shock to our world picture and, if it's a motorcycle or other less common object, it may not register as a threat.



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I have recently rented a Chevy Malibu ltz, Impala ltz and a ford edge. Other than I know know why GM is in the toilet, All of them had atrocious blind spots front and even worse in the rear. If it wasn't beside you or in fornt of you you could not see it.

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I drive a truck too been there done that . But as riders it really makes the point how important it is to be seen . I know some folks think running with lights on bright is good . Well have you ever noticed when you see a bike comeing with brights on it destroys your depth perception an its hard to judge the speed . An if its the right time of day an the sun is just right the bike can just about become invisable for a fue sec of time .

Thats one thing that makes the triagle of light, head light an piaas or what ever brand on the fork legs stand out . I wear the lime green mesh vest as well . I know it sure takes away from the looks of a nice jacket or what ever one might be wearing .

But I see someone do a double take every time I wear it, so it works I guess . So like you an others say with the blind spots in many vehichles an add in a fue other distrachtions whether your the rider or the driver it can make for a bad day . I,m sure

glad you brought your A Game that day Driver .

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