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Help! troubleshooting fuel and temp gauge problem


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I completed the fuel filter replacement on my 2000 R1100RT this weekend. Unfortunately, when I put everything back together the fuel and temp gauge did not work. The display unit has power as the gear indicator and clock work just fine but the fuel and temp portion are blank.


When I pulled the tank, I took the opportunity to re-route some stereo wires and wires for other things like GPS, Radar etc. This required the removal of the gauge panel (I have done this many times without issue). As a result, I have disconnected both the gas tank connector and the display unit connector so I probably need to trouble shoot both. It would be logical to suspect one of these connectors.


To make matters worse, my repair manual CD is not functioning and my new one has not yet arrived. Does anyone have a wiring schematic for the 2000 r1100rt (May 2000 assembly date)?


Any suggestions on trouble shooting this issue?


I already missed the nicest weekend for biking in Chicago thus far so I have suffered enough. Any help you may offer is appreciated.

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With help from the experts on this forum (thanks Seth and Ken) I figured out my human error. Didn't connect the sending unit wire to the fuel pump assembly...


Works now.

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