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Hook up GPS electrical on 1150RT


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I have an '02 R1150RT. I just bought a Zumo, have it mounted, and now I'm staring at two bare wires that need to be hooked up to some electricity. Is there a particular part I need to hook up to a particular wire or receptacle somewhere (where?) on the bike?

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Clint, you didn’t say if you want to hook to battery power or ignition power (comes on with ign switch)..


If battery power then you can run the wire under the fuel tank than directly to the battery or hook into the radio harness (just in front of the L/H glove box under the front fairing)..


The radio harness also has an ignition powered wire if you want the GPS to go off & on with the key..


I usually hook to the radio harness for GPS connection on the 02 RT’s as it is an easy connection & the circuit is fused.. (L/H fairing will have to be removed)


If you want to use the radio harness your bike shouldn’t have the factory radio & you will have to install the radio fuse in the bikes fuse box first..


I don’t have a wire diagram handy as I am on the road at the moment but a quick probe of the radio connector with a 12 volt test light will show you the wire you need to use.. Be sure to add the radio fuse to fuse box before testing for power..




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I installed my Zumo using power from the radio loom. As Twisty said, there are both switched and unswitched 12v sources there. I chose the unswitched (which I believe is white/red) so the GPS could remain powered up with the ignition off. "Brown is ground the world around" in beemerland. I've had this setup on both my '02 and '04 RTs and in each case the circuits were already fused. It has worked very well for me and is an easy install.

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