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Tire pressure montiter


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I am wanting to install TPM on my 1100RT I,ve looked at several on line but was hopeing for some feed back form some actual owners as to why they picked a piticular brand an are they satisfied with there choice . Theres one called the tire watch its mounted inside the rim in place of the valve stim . Others that are mounted inside are just mounted to the rim center via a stainless strap which I think usually requires a rebalance which i,m sure I would check anyway after dismounting the tire . Some other modles just screw right on the valve stim . Just looking for some food for thought had a 1st cousin go down this week over a rear tire failure.The tire was new less than 500mi on it, his wife is in critical condition maybe if they had had one of these it might have givin him a heads up in time to stop they were only doing 35mph in a 45 zone . Thanks

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I don't know about the different systems, but anything you screw on your valve stem is taking the place of the valve in holding air in the tire. If it vibrates loose, or doesn't seal well, you lose air. I'd go with an internally mounted system.

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I have the original factory tpm.

If I watch it, I suppose it could give some early warning. But how much I don't know. One minute, two?

That may be all I need if I head straight for the side of the road.

I had never thought any of the after market systems looked good.

With the factory I must switch the display to tpm or it is useless, and I must watch it.

I still think the best system is check the air pressure weekly, or before almost every (long) ride, and inspect the tires. Look all the way round the tread for nails, glass, any cut or fault.

And, if you see nails, or other similar debris on the road, slow down, or pull over and check the tires to see if you got a puncture.

But internally mounted is the best idea for any tpm.


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Paul Mihalka

With a tubeless tire with a nail in it you can run hours, some times days, before your normal riding is seriously affected. A TPM would warn you before you are stranded. On the factory systems you would get a warning even if you are not switched to the TPM display.

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After trying to get info from folks here on installing a TPM sensor on the front wheel of my bike, I just quit asking and will have the Doran 360 installed next week by my dealer. FYI, he's basically going to install the front sensor just as the factory one is installed inside the tire. The next time I change tires, I'll have the rear sensor put inside. I'm using my tax season "bonus" to put TPM on the bike and my motorhome. The Subaru has them and I'm a believer after I didn't notice the little symbol light up and shredded a tire real quickly.

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No personal experience, but a riding buddy was intrigued enough to get THIS screw on sensor to install on his Connie. He's happy as a clam. Gives you read out in PSI for each tire and warning if it gets low. He checked it with a pencil gage to verify some degree of accuracy.

I suspect, as with almost any mod, you'll get a percentage of negative feedback from folks who don't like it, for no other reason than they don't like it, but since you asked. Here's his REVIEW over on COG.


I plan on getting it if I ever get motivated enough to spend the money. You'd think I would after riding on a slow leak for several weeks before noticing the tire was totally flat.

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I just bought this at Wingstuff.com (no affiliation, I just read about the unit somewhere and searched for the best price)and used it on a recent 3500 mile trip. I was pleased to be able to check the pressure regularly, although I would not have heard the audible alarm if it went off. Peace of mind and convenience was worth the $155. I just put the monitor in my tank bag window. I also liked that I can move it from bike to bike with ease.


"Show Chrome TireGard Tire Air Pressure Monitor SALE

Installs In Minutes, No Tire Removal.. TireGard Tire Air Pressure Monitor System is designed for two motorcycle tires, completely wireless, special valve stem sensors feature real time air monitoring. Audible/Visual and a Vibration Alert as tire pressure drops below or raises above the preset level. Alerts rider if tire temperature raises above the preset level. Slightly larger than a car remote, use as key chain, velcro or mount to to dash, handlebars, ect.

Note - Remote is Black


Item #: BB13315

Retail Price: $199.95

Regular Price: $159.99

Sale Price: $154.99

(You save: $44.96)

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