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.......just got back from Andy's place , having fixed the wiring problem that befell the Pathfinder [ No right turn ] .

It turned out to be a tricky job , and much [ under the breath ] cursing occured due to the manner in which the original wiring had been cable tied up - 6 ties in a very short distance meant that it was very hard to free up the loom enough to get access to the wiring which did indeed have a cracked wire in it .

Full marks to Andy for his perseverance in the face of adversity [ me getting in the way ] , and despite my assistance he fixed it for me .

Then we also replaced the bulbs in the speedo and rev counter dials with blue LED's , and that took longer than doing the wiring , but eventually we got that job done too .

I bought a new BMW rider along as well , Peter from Poland who has just got a BMW 1200 cruiser for a bargain price , and although it is cosmetically challenged, it's mechanically sound - he followed me all the way without problem , even though this is the first bike he's had in over 10 years . - he wants to join me on more ride outs , so no doubt he may feature in some ride reports soon .


Special thanks to Andy again , and to Sheila for cooking us all a hearty breakfast .





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