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Foot peg hanger stud torque settings


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Can anyone point me to where I can find the torque specs for the hex studs that hold the foot peg hanger bar on. I took it off to fix the gear shift once and for all and now I can't find what I should torque the studs up to.


Many thanks





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I'm not sure which bolt you are talking about. But does this answer your question. If not, I'll find something else.








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Here you go,


Footrest plate to left/right transmission Nm 19

Footrest plate to left of rear frame

M 10 screw Nm 36

M 8 screw Nm 19

Footrest plate to right of rear frame

M 10 screw Nm 36

M 8 screw Nm 19

Shift lever to footrest plate Nm 35




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