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1150 valve adjustment


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A while back someone posted a link to a video showing oilhead valve adjustment - now I can't find it. Also, what are the valve clearances supposed to be for a 2004 1150rt?





lastly, where's a good place to get a service manual :)

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Intakes: 0.15 mm (0.006")

Exhausts: 0.30 mm (0.012")


Use the arrows on the cam sprockets to find TDC for each cylinder and do the adjustment with the engine cold.


A Clymer's seems to be most popular. Good luck!

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Under Training- Videos at this website- http://www.bmwmc.net/mc.asp?O=frames


Good luck!




Got the website right just need to change the address slightly. Seems to be a quirk of this website.


Cut and paste into a new window but remove the /mc.asp?O=frames part and try again.


If all else fails, just type in www.bmwmc.net and hit go. Works everytime.


As Don suggested, it's in the Training section along with heaps of other info and videos. :thumbsup:





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