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1150 RT Swing Arm Stripped


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Post Spline Lube Problem... I was worried about my '02 -1150 RT because it is in the prime build date for the spline wear problem. I was fortunate here because my splines looked as new. My problem is that when I started to reassemble final drive to the swing arm ( I changed the paralever bearings ) the left side threads on the swingarm are buggered up such that the bearing pin cannot be threaded into place. After measuring the pin I've concluded that it is a 24x1.25 metric thread. I googled that size and came upon a tread in a GS forum saying that that's what size that they use , so I think the size is right. I can't find a bolt in that size anywhere. There are only the innermost 2 threads messed up so my plan was to use a steel bolt and make a thread chaser out of it. My question, does anyone know where a 24x1.25 steel bolt is used? Or does anyone perhaps have a 24x1.25 tap they would rent?

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Westco- not sure where you are, but as of last night I have two spare swingarms. PM me off line if intereted.


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For closure, I made a thread chaser out of a small internal thread cutting boring bar and it worked to clean up the last 2 threads. If this hadn't worked I was going to turn a 24x1.25 thread chaser out of 4140. I could not locate a BMW tool mentions in the above response. Thanks for the help people.

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Jim Moore

Hey, I had the same problem last month1 I bought a tap. It was an expensive little bugger! PM me and we'll work something out.


Edit: I just read the last post. Never mind.

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