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Need some help with the motor on my windscreen


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I took apart the motor/gear assembly for the windscreen on my 04 r1150rt. I cant for the life of me get it back together correctly. If anyone has seen or knows where I can go for some guidance I'd appreciated it. I've posted on ADVrider too.





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4 beers. A little down time and Its amazing how things either break or go miraculously back together at midnight. Let me know if anyone screws this up because now I can walk someone through it.




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Didn't see your post until this am...


Glad you sorted it out, not that could have been any assistance anyway...oh and welcome to the board :wave:



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Sorry no one got back to you before you fixed it yourself. Most times people are stepping on each other to answer questions. You cant beat the folks on this board. They seem to only have lives once in a while. Some of them, I question if they ever get to ride.


Welcome aboard!



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I have an 04 r1150rt also. windshield goes down but finally quit going up.

what did you have to remove to get to the motor. I want to get to the down relay.

any help will be welcomed.



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I exposed my relays recently as I pulled the '03 apart. Not sure which is easier, but I got to mine without pulling the front fairing off. By removing the top of the dash cover, they are right there.


BTW, PM me if you need parts. I have 2, count 'em TWO, complete windscreen motor assemblies, plus the relays.



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