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red hot pipes


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I have an 05 r1200rt &if i let it idle more than 5 minutes the exhaust pipes glow red from the head to about 4" out . is this normal? has anyone else seen this ?its only noticable at night. my worry is if i get caught in a traffic jam what damage is being done

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In short, nothing to worry about in traffic. I'd sometimes see my R11RT's pipes glowing red when I arrived home after sunset -- that's just the nature of thin-wall, single wall pipe that close to the exhaust port.


One story you may hear about, but I don't think it's relevant to the R12RT: there was a case with an R11RT owner (fairing bits closer to the pipes than an R12RT) who started his R11RT in the driveway, went inside for something, left the bike idling (I believe on choke, which would mean higher rpm), and forgot about it -- came back out a long time later and found it in flames. I doubt that would be an issue for the R12RT, as the pipes are not as close to the fairing (wonder if that fire is the reason BMW left more separation??).




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Mark, the 1200 hex is better as far as leaving idling as the fast idle is computer controlled so the engine idles down as it runs for a while.. On the 1100,, 1150 if they’re left on fast idle they stay at fast idle as they have a manual fast idle control..





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