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Scala Rider Teamset Help


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I've lost the AC adapter/charger for my Scala Rider Teamset set of bluetooth intercoms. Does anyone have one that they could read the volt, amp, polarity figures off of for me?


I've got about a billion other AC adapters, you find them *all* when you go looking for one, and I've got two universal adapters so if I can just get the right values I can charge the darn things.


Any tips clues even an insulting link to letmegooglethatforyou.com would be helpful.



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I have in the past accidentally used my Scala charger to re-charge my wife's Nokia cell-phone. I suspect that may work in reverse :D



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Cardo AC adapter:

model ksafb0900030w1us

input 100- 240 50/60Hz 0.15A

output +9.0V - 0.3A




Thanks! The +9V .3A was the bit I was looking for. Now to go dig through my giant box of wires and AC adapters and find one ;)

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