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Tool Kit Info Needed


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Hey everyone,


I've searched in this forum and not found a thread, so I'll just ask.....


For an R1100RT-P, what would be the tool kit that you would recommend for carrying in one of the side cases ?


I've looked at a bunch of them, but thought I would ask folks who know a lot more than I do before I buy something.


Thanks in advance !

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I noticed yesterday that the FD fill plug on my 1999 R1100 RT actually takes a Torx bit, rather than a hex wrench. What size Torx is it?

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Hey, it must have been my mental vibes that caused this thread.


I know what I want to carry with me, and I have at least one of everything, but... what I want to know is ...


Is there a tool roll available? just the pouch part, that is better then the OEM one that came with the bike.


(I am not speaking of the Stealth Bag, which is nice but way too large to fit under the seat.)



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