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Wanta Demo a Ducati up on the Crest this Sunday?


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OMG was that fun!

This bike would get me on sooooo much trouble,but it sure felt good!


Rode a Multistrata also, wow are those nice.



Made my RT feel like I was dancing with a fat chick on the ride home!





Don J :wave:

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Big Ducati trailer was at A&S BMW/Ducati yesterday for the open house.

Two rows of Hypermotards lined up,but no rides all day due to the rain.

At least I finally had my suspension tuned by Phil/Aftershocks!


Glad you folks were able to testride today



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Rode a Multistrata also, wow are those nice.

Glad you were able to ride more than 1 bike - when the Ducati truck was in Tampa Bay, I got there extra early so I could ride more than 1 bike (wanted to try out the SuperMoto). I first told I couldn't sign up for another bike until I got back. When I got back I was told I couldn't ride another bike - period. There were spaces available, too


Just another reason why I don't care my the local dealer and don't give him any of money unless I have to. :dopeslap:

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