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Mounting an Ohlins rear preload reservoir - options?


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I have seen several iterations of mounting the preload knob/ reservoir near the silencer.


Has anyone successfully mounted this under the seat somewhere? Perhaps by gently bending the mounting plate to work with the existing holes from the OEM preload remote reservoir mount? It looks to be too large [in the absence of ingenuity].


Any words of advice, pics, horrible experiences, kind suggestions? I'd like to get mine under the seat for sure.




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I have my adjuster under the seat - there is plenty of room down there. It lies on the right hand side (as you sit on the bike)off to one side of the top of the rear mud guard. I just zip tied mine in place against the frame at that point. Sorry for the vague description, but I dont have my camera with me at the moment. If you lay the adjuster out under the seat you'll see that really is only one place it fits.





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I have done the same as Richard ... but layed mine on the factory tool kit (if you can call it that) under the seat and used the rubber strap that holds the tool kit to hold them both

60,000 trouble free miles so far !!

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One reason why I bought Öhlins suspension was importance to get the adjustment knob available away from under seat unusable position.

When You move from highway to country road You dont need to stop and start ripping seats away...

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But the adjuster only alters the pre-load .... you only get any benifit from changing this if you "load" the bike and wish to raise the rear end height ... it does nothing to change how the bike handles on a highway verse country road

To make a difference to handling you need to adjust the speed of the dampening (the ring at the bottom of the shock) this alters the ride between hard and soft (Fast or Slow)... or in other words how quickly the shock reurns to its re set poistion, the faster it returns the harder the ride will seem BUT the better the bike will handle (note this is a general princible only, you can set it too fast) ...

I find the Ohlin so great I never change either (pre load or dampening) no matter what the road or load

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