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Deals Gap, RAIN, Gear Display


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I just got back from a 12 day trip through the South that included 3 days in N. Carolina and 2 days at Deals Gap and Blue Ridge Parkway. It was quite the trip other than the rain...for 4 days.


I went with 2 guys on 2006 Ultra Classics, 1 guy on a Suzuki Bandit, and me on my 2005 R1150RT. All the bikes had various electrical problems I can only assume were due to the extreme amount of rain.


The two Ultras lost turn, stop, neutral light, and horn. Same symptom....fuses just kept popping. One of the Ultra's also lost the GPS connection.


My R1150RT performed flawlessly except for the RID. The gas guage and oil temp was fine, but the gear indicator had a mind of it's own. 4th showed 0, 5th showed 1, 6th showed 6th, 1 and 2 oscillated between 0 and 1. This started on the 2nd day of heavy rain. After 2 days of riding in the sun and wind, it starting working fine again.


Ny buddies are taking their Ultra's to the shop. I'm thinking a connector or something got wet on my bike. Any suggestions and cures? I will try to find the connectors, pull them, clean them, and coat with DC4.


Thanks for suggestions.

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Skywagon, I have seen one oilhead do that before.. Same thing,, lots of rain riding for a few days.. We never did figure out what it was (more than likely water in the switch itself or water in the connecter on the wire pig tail from the switch).. Problem never came back..


There have been other reports of that happening from time to time but not sure if any smoking gun was found..


I guess check the wire connector first,, if signs of water found then probably the problem there.. If no problem found in the connector then probably water in the switch itself.. A pain to remove the switch but you can remove it then CAREFUILLY take it apart & clean it out..




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Our '04 R1150RT had the exact same symptoms with the gear indicator, after 3-4 days consecutive of rain riding. My advice is do nothing. After about a week it cured itself, never to return.

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if you want to be super-proactive you may attempt to re-create the problem by producing your own 'localized mini rain showers' (using spray bottle - or dare i say gentle garden hose) at points of interest. Water runs down hill so start at the bottom at work up.


once you locate the leaking interface seal it with self-amalgamating tape. imho dielectric grease at all connectors / 'separable interfaces' is always a good idea too.

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