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Can you go lower than "factory low"?


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I really want to pull the trigger on a new RT when I get back from my trip to the desert. I went this weekend to test one out, got to ride a low suspension, low seat one.


I still need about an 1" more "low". Any ideas or advice? I've thought of having my legs extended, but if I did, my stuff wouldn't fit anymore!!


Thanks in advance...


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John Bentall

Do you need 1" more low because you wish to be able to "flat foot" with both feet? You really should be OK on the balls of both feet.


You could also try models of boots with a heel raise.

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My local cobbler charged about $30 to add on a 1" thick sole - it has worked well for the past six years


R12RT with factory low seat


ps to my self - must get the other one done too!

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I'd suggest talking to someone like Works Suspension. Having a set of shorter shocks would give you the height you need while keeping a reasonable amount of suspension travel.


+1 on the balls of the feet. If you're short (I'm 5' 6") and you want to ride anything other than cruisers you're going to have to deal with the fact that you only need on foot down at a stop light. I end up walking beside my bikes when I back one up, but at 60 mph the bike doesn't seem to care how tall or short I am.

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Thanks for the replies. This bike will be my first foray out of the "cruiser world". I'm so used to being flat-footed at stops, I guess it'll just take some getting used to. At 5'5", I need all the help I can get!


Now, I just have to get through my all expenses paid trip to lovely Southwest Asia and an RT will be mine!!


Thanks again...





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Coming from the cruiser world where a great pair of shocks will cost you maybe $300-500 at most, you're in for a "shock" (no pun) if you look at buying shorter suspension for an RT - as in, $1,500.00 to start, assuming you install them yourself which you should only consider if you really know what you're doing re suspension setup. If you can touch the ground on the balls of your feet, or if you can have an inch added to your soles, that's the cost effective way to go. Suspension on RTs is not a cheap proposition.



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If its about flat footing, don't worry about it, if you can get the balls of your feet down. In my avatar, I am riding a standard RT with a low seat, and yes, I could only get one foot down or both toes down.


The toes only deal was OK except for situations when I wanted to actually back the bike. You can avoid those situations by being careful about how and where you park. I lowered my standard RT by 1 inch and can now get the balls of both feet down. IMHO, that is enough. I can actually back the bike up now. :clap:


Good luck on your tour of duty, and don't forget to check in here and let us know how you are doing.


Welcome to the board, and we all look forward to meeting you down the road.

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I had the same problem. I eventually went with lower Wilber shocks (dropped the suspension more than an inch). One thing to note -- I also had to have the side stand and the center stand cut down. Otherwise the bike sits nearly vertical (side stand) or, on the center stand, looks like the description Bob Dylan gave in "Leopard Skin Pillbox Hat" -- "It balances on your head just like a mattress balances on a bottle of wine . . ." Frank's Motorcycle Sales of Vermont cut my center stand down for me while I was traveling east last summer. It was the first such job he'd done, and it worked beautifully. I can nearly flat foot the bike with some of my seats, but not with others. Be aware that some seats (Russells, for instance) sit a good bit higher than others.


Good luck! It's worth the effort -- the R1200RT is the best bike I've ever owned.



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Good point, Roger. I had my side stand and center stand shortened as well. Our local independent shop specializes in modifications.


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